Monday, June 20, 2011

Space Week Water Play!

The next topic we're covering in our Letter of the Week studies is Letter Ss is for Space. I'm sure we could spend at least a month doing space related activities, but considering my sons age and attention span, we'll be doing a short study for now and leaving some topics for another day. We're also still away from home so I've prepared a space lapbook we'll be using. I'll share more on that soon.

But the first space activity we did actually involved WATER PLAY!
The temperature here is over 100 degrees everyday! It can be miserable to go outside, but when you have kids who NEED active play, you really don't have a choice. So we made our own COMETS out of sponges, and had a blast tagging each other. This activity turned out to be perfect for cooling down & burning some of that seemingly endless energy!
(This idea was inspired by this post over at Frugal Family Fun Blog.)

Here's what you'll need to do the same:

Sponges, Ribbon (or zip ties), Scissors capable of cutting the sponges
Water and a Bucket (not pictured)

Cut your sponges into strips.

Take a few strips, twist them, and tie the center tightly with ribbon.
Add extra ribbon for the comet's tail.

I used 3 strips per sponge and was able to make 5 comets out of the 2 large sponges I had.
I'm sure these would have been a bit prettier if I'd used more strips per comet, but I was trying to keep it thrifty. I'd do the same if I did it again.

Plop your comets in some water.

Bring out the kiddos and get throwing!

No, not at me!
Ok, ok, at me too! 
(I think the high was 108 that day)

We actually started out trying to make this educational by counting up with each throw, but that soon went out the window when it turned into a giant squeal and giggle fest :)


Go on give it a try!
I'm sure you'll get lots of squeals and giggles too!

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