Monday, May 16, 2011

Feelings Lapbook- Making It

And now revealing my plan for Tot Schooling On The Go: ...............Preschool Lapbooks!!!

The first and simplest of the lapbooks we'll be doing is about Feelings. All of the printables for it came from the wonderful 1+1+1=1 blog.

Feelings are something I find myself often discussing with Dude, but that we've never really FOCUSED on. After some recent behavioral issues I thought this would be a great opportunity to review our feelings, how our behavior effects the way others feel, and the appropriate responses for when we feel certain ways (e.g. angry). I plan to use this lapbook to discuss all of these things and more!

Here's how our Feelings Lapbook is put together and what's in it: (It's made from a refolded file folder.)

The Front Cover

The Inside

Top Left- How Are We Feeling?

This pocket contains faces expressing a variety of emotions and a reference card listing different situations  and asking how the child feels. After I laminated everything, I glued pieces of velcro tabs off of disposable diapers onto the back of each face. 

Bottom Left- Match the Feelings

This pocket contains 2 each of cards showing a variety of emotions.

Top Center- Feelings Flip Book


Center- ziploc baggie containing Popsicle Sticks Figures

I made these simple popsicle stick figures to use for some role playing fun. They're just sandwiched popsicle sticks with pipe-cleaner arms and legs. I glued pieces of felt to the tops to attach the various faces to. I had really wanted to also cut out some family pictures for even more fun with these, but I ran out of time.  

Bottom Center- How Are We Feeling Base

Again I glued on felt squares for attaching the various faces.

 Top Right- Color My Feelings

Dude's already worked on a couple of these. I laminated ours so that they can be colored more than once if he wants.

Bottom Right- How Are They Feeling Mini Book

This is the only thing I didn't laminate.

Back Cover- This is Me page

Also laminated to be reusable. (I use this inexpensive laminator
and really love it.)
I can't wait to make some silly faces here!

I'll be posting a follow-up to this post at the end of the week showing this lapbook in action, so make sure to look out for it!

You can view the follow-up post to our Feelings Week HERE.


  1. Your book came out so well. I love how you added the little stick people! So cute!!

  2. Ok. Here are some questions:
    1. How did you adhere the little pockets to hold the cards? With glue?
    2. Did you hole punch items before you laminated them?

  3. Yep, glue! I use Aleene's tacky glue. Although on other lapbooks I've ended up stapling the pockets on and honestly I think it's easier especially if the pocket doesn't need to hold a lot of cards. And if you need to staple somewhere in the middle of a lapbook, where your stapler can't reach, you can open up a standard stapler, put a folded towel under the lapbook, and staple through the lapbook and into the towel. Then remove the towel and use a butter knife to close the staple prongs and put a small piece of tape over the sharp edges. Oh, and just make sure when you're making the pockets to make sure they're roomy enough to hold the cards. So if your going to laminate the cards, do that beforehand so that you can fold the pocket around the cards and make sure it's not too snug. I hole punch afterward.

  4. I would like to ask you where have you downloaded the pictures of emotion? Thank you for your answer. H


Thanks for your comments!

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