Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simple Fun! - Watermelon

I just love watching my children explore the world around them. You can call it play, or learning, or exploration, or some other fancy term that psychologists probably have, but really in their eyes it's just FUN! With this in mind I recently gave each of my boys large pieces of watermelon and small spoons. I then sat back and watched what happened.

There was some sensory exploration.

Some thought that went into how best to handle this rocking food

Some attempts to copy the skills of those in the know

Some successes at taking advantage of this sweet fruit

Some trial and error

Some conclusions, "My teeth cut better than the spoon."

And plenty of these :)

Here's to a messy, fun filled summer in 2011!


  1. I've just spent my afternoon reading back through tons of your old posts :-) my little boy is in between yours age wise at 26 months and I now have TONS of new ideas to do with him. Thankyou!!


Thanks for your comments!

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