Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tot Trays - On The Go!

No, No, I didn't pack up Tot Trays and bring the materials with us while we're away from home, but after looking through the pictures on my camera, I've realized that the boys have done several Tot Tray(ish) activities since we've been away. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Tot Tray Activities for keeping little ones occupied! You'll notice a lot of them involve food, since that's the one thing you're guaranteed to have while traveling with kids!

Here's are some of the things my boys have been up to:

Dropping clothespins into an empty juice bottle
(a classic source of entertainment at this age)

Sorting Animal Crackers

Sweeping (I would have used a smaller broom for a tot tray)
Yes, he was sweeping plastic bugs and snakes from our May Sensory Bin out the door. This was his own idea. He also insisted that I step on them :)

 Cutting soft fruit


Pouring between a milk jug and applesauce containers.
As I often do these days, I also gave him the top of a water bottle to use as a funnel. He had an abundance of water in the jug, so had to make the effort to both start and stop pouring if he didn't want to spill it.

Putting straws into a milk jug

Taking biscuit dough out of a can, separating them, and arranging them on a pan
(also a great sensory activity)


And stacking & exploring empty applesauce containers. Both boys really enjoyed playing with these.

If you're looking for more Tot-Schooling on the go ideas you can also check out our Feelings & Rainbows weeks for more fun ideas that don't require an abundance of supplies!

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  1. Here from the friday blog hop, and loving your blog already...been racking my brain for ideas for my 2yo workboxes...you've got some great ones!! Love it!

  2. also, there is a new link up, workbox wednesday's...your 'tot trays' are the same concept...you should come link up...www.chestnutgroveacademy.blogspot.com will take you there!


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