Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Sensory Bin - Bugs!

Ok, so I wasn't really planning on having a sensory bin this month since we're away from home, BUT when the materials presented themselves so perfectly I just couldn't resist. The theme for this bin is BUGS!

Here's the finished bin:

And the under layer:

Not the most realistic bugs, I know. But still lots of fun!

The Contents Include:

Pinto Beans
Lava Landscaping Rocks (We're borrowing these from a flowerless flower bed outside our room. I couldn't resist the opportunity to play with these unique rocks.)
Plastic Bugs and a Snake (purchased on Easter clearance at walmart for 10 cents!)
Easter Grass (also on clearance at walmart)


Dude actually helped me with the rock collecting for this bin and that turned out to be a great activity in and of itself. One day while Spudder was with his Papa at the store, I explained to Dude that we were going to make a Bugs Sensory Bin and I needed his help. We actually call ours an Imagination Bin at home, mostly because of the way that Dude used to pronounce "imagination." It was just too adorable to not be repeated, so the name stuck!

For the next hour or so we wandered around with our bin collecting rocks and sticks and just doing a little exploring. Since we're not in any sort of a natural environment right now, I had scoped out the volcanic landscaping rocks ahead of time, and we just happened to find a grassy area where they were scattered far and wide. Dude was excited to be making his bin so he eagerly ran around collecting them, and helping me to wear him out in the process. I put the rest of the bin together by myself and ended up removing some of the rocks and all of the sticks (for safety reasons).  



Now that the boys have played with this bin for a few days I'm certainly not regretting the decision to put it together. They've both really enjoyed it! Other things I've added to facilitate play include: a measuring cup, a spoon, and recycled snack containers. And if their interest in this bin seems to lessen later in the month, my plan is to add in a surprise milk jug and a homemade funnel like we'd used on a previous tot tray.

Hopefully this will help me keep these busy boys busy!

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