Monday, March 14, 2016

Number Tree - Theme Reveal


To reveal our next theme to the boys, I put together this tray activity one night after they had gone to bed. I hadn’t told them to expect it, but instead just left it for them to find.


Jet noticed it early the next morning….too early the next morning. Once Spudder was awake I let them get to work on it together. I explained to them that each cup contained a group of legos with numbers on them. It would be the boys job to put the numbers in each cup in order. The catch was that only one cup started at 1. For the other cups the boys would have to pick out the lowest number and then count on from there. This is a skill that’ll not only help the boys get more familiar with numbers, but will be especially beneficial when they’re perfecting their addition & subtraction skills.


Next they sequenced the rows from largest to smallest. Now they could see where this was headed!

IMG_3605 (2)

The boys with their completed number tree

More TREE fun to come!

Counting On Lego Tree

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