Monday, May 2, 2011

The Challenge - Tot School on the Go

For the next several weeks our Tot School is going to be very different from our usual Tot Tray and Letter of the Week activities. Our family is going to have the opportunity to spend some quality time in very close quarters! My husband has to go on a work trip and the boys and I will be taking advantage of the opportunity to spend some extra time with him. We certainly won't be in any sort of vacation destination, but we'll be together and that's what matters most! We'll basically be living out of a hotel and my husband will still be at work everyday, so I'm left with pretty much the same responsibilities, just a lot less space to move about (and clean!) and fewer resources to entertain the kids. I still plan on continuing with some sort of Tot School, but I'm not too sure yet how everything will work out. We're hoping to spend as much time as possible outdoors and take advantage of the local library, but I know there will be times where we'll have to be inside.....doing something. I do have some materials prepared and some ideas bookmarked. I'll share all those as we do them.

I'm finding it easy to stay positive and see this as the opportunity that it is, but I can't deny that it's also going to be a bit of challenge. I'm very thankful that we'll be together at least! But this is going to be interesting.....

Anyone know how to cook for a family of 4 using only a hot plate and a microwave?  :)

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