Monday, February 28, 2011

Tree- Cut & Sequence Craft

D is 32 months.

We did this tree craft as a part of our letter T week, but I thought I'd put it in a seperate post to give me a little more room to explain this simple craft.

My main goal in putting this together was for my son to be able to practice and gain confidence in his cutting in a fun way.  You only need to be able to cut straight lines to do this and if you instruct your child to cut the lines in the proper order then there are no points where they have to stop. They just cut til they run out of paper.

To start you'll need to draw lines on a piece of construction paper as shown above. I started off by drawing the largest triangle and just letting the paper dictate the triangle sizes. This is really easy once you get started! If this still seems like too much I made up this free printable that you can use.

If your child can cut straight lines they may be able to complete the rest of this activity without help.

Instruct your child to cut along each line. It will be easiest for your child to start with the longest line and continue on with the next smallest line, etc. (basically starting at the upper right hand corner and going clockwise)

You should now have 5 different sizes of triangles. You can play with these by having your child put these in order from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.

When you're ready to move on, have your child glue down the triangles in order from largest to smallest with the largest on the bottom to form a tree.

Decorate as desired. This would probably make a cute Christmas craft,  but since we made ours in February, I just let my son decorate his tree with his normal art supplies. He choose to use his Do A Dot Paints .

Easy as that! And hopefully you've snuck some frustration-free cutting practice!

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