Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tot School- Letter of the Week- Letter Tt {Part 1}

D is 32 months

Due to illness all around, we didn't get to everything I had planned for our Tt week, so we'll be continuing with it into next week. But I thought I'd go ahead and post what we did get to.

We tried highlighter tracing and Dude absolutely loved it! I saw this idea over at Giggles & Crayons. Thanks for the info April!

I made this little file folder game out of some 3-part picture cards I had picked up at the dollar store awhile back. The cards are double sided so they were really confusing to try to use. I fixed that by gluing the center portion of each card down and attaching velcro to the backs of each side piece so that Dude could tell the fronts from backs. This game was a bit tricky since I choose 3 white vehicles for one side and 3 camo vehicles for the other. Dude really had to pay attention to the details.

Next we tried playing a guessing game with some objects that begin with the letter T. The object of the game was for Dude to guess the object using only his sense of touch. I expected him to love this game, but he was only mildly interested so we didn't play for long. Thinking back, I probably should have used fewer objects until he got the hang of it.

He also did his T is for Turtle Phonics Coloring page.

And his Letter T Do-a-Dot painting worksheet.

For our next activity I had printed out a train letter assesment from Making Learning Fun. The idea was for Dude to cover each letter with a magnet as I named them, so I could determine which ones we needed to work on. He had other plans for it though. Apparently there was a specific order that he wanted to complete the picture in, so I ended up just asking him which letter his next magnet was for. He did get them all right when we did things his way.

We finished up our short week with some train size sequencing & prewriting practice from Lawteedah's train tot kit.

Look out for another Letter T post coming soon!

You can find our tray activities for this week in my What's on the Trays? post. I have to say when I was sick and exhausted, having Tot Trays to keep the little guys busy was a real blessing!

You can also check out what other's are doing in Tot School over at 1+1+1=1.

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