Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tot School- Letter of the Week- Letter Ll

D is 31 months

During the past couple weeks of tot school, I've realized that my son is showing a definite interest in trying to write letters. So with that in mind I decided to go with the letter L for this week because it's one of the simplist to write.

As far as a weekly theme, well we didn't have one! Our way of doing a letter of the week is to not necessarily choose a weekly theme to go along with our letter, but instead to choose a variety of activities that I think will both interest my son and cover the basic "subjects" (ABCs, 123s, etc.) For this week we did some lion, leaf, & other activities and I just tried to point out the L sound & written form and have him identify and repeat them.

In addition to the activities listed below we sang This Little Light of Mine and read as many L books as we could find.
On to the activities:

This week Dude happily drew in his salt box.


This was the first week I let him attempt a playdough mat, but it definitely wasn't his favorite thing. He mostly just wanted to watch me form the letter and then we had some playdough play time together.

We also did some leaf patterning with some fabric leaves I had picked up in Target's dollar spot in the fall.

On another day he painted with his do a dot paints. This continues to be one of his favorite activities. After making the upper and lowercase Ls he added lots more "baby" Ls basically everywhere else he could fit them on the paper. I got the worksheet from here.

We worked a number puzzle from Target's dollar spot. I really liked this puzzle for Dude right now. The colored squares behind each number provided just the visual cues that he needed to complete it without getting too frustrated

He did an L letter hunt putting white magnets over the Ls. He then wanted to put other colors over the other letters so we identified those as well.

He worked a couple of these simple bottle-cap puzzles that I drew. I intentionally drew the letters out in light crayon so that I can laminate them and we'll have the option to use them for tracing practice in the future.

Later in the week the phonics coloring page became a collage when we glued some pictures of things that started with L onto it. I got the pictures from here (I used booklet printing to print them at 50% of normal size) and did simple drawings of a few other L words I could think of that I knew he'd be familiar with. I did the cutting and let him do the gluing.

We finished up our week with a leaf shadows puzzle. This was our first shadow puzzle and Dude took right to it. I think he enjoyed the added challenge.
We didn't do much in terms of active learning this week, but we did make a trip to our local children's museum which both boys really enjoyed.

You can see what others are doing in tot school over at 1+1+1=1!

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  1. My daughter has also been showing such an interest in writing letters lately. She loves to writes capital H and A everywhere. I think H is just easy for her and she likes A because it is the first letter of her name.

    You should definitely check out the Writers World link-up on my blog!


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