Monday, January 25, 2016

Polar Sensory Bin


Ooooooh YES, it’s messy!
(but so much fun, Mom!)


We couldn’t possibly do a polar unit study without a polar sensory bin, could we?
Above is a picture of the one I put together for my crew. I used Insta-Snow as the base material, and added metal and plastic spoons, colored flat marbles, a couple of animals from our Ocean TOOB , the globe from the top of the Toob packaging, some test tubes & mini petri dishes that we'd used before, and some small winter themed tubs.
So that was toobs, tubes, & tubs. Got it? ;)


The Insta-Snow is a bit messy, but with that comes some unique possibilities.
These southern boys got to make snowballs!


And scoop, and pour


And mold, and dig, & bury their fingers
and generally make….

IMG_2502 IMG_2468e  IMG_2509

a mess themselves smile!
Which makes this mama smile.

(The Insta-Snow actually does vacuum up really easily.)

Do you enjoy sensory bins in your home?
If so, what have been some of your favorites?

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  1. All of my little ones will love this!
    Thanks for sharing. Love the pics.

  2. How fun! Love their little faces, they look like they had a blast.


Thanks for your comments!

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