Monday, August 27, 2012

Water Week Science – Evaporation

As you can probably guess, we did a BUNCH of science experiments during our unit on water.

Here are the first few that demonstrate evaporation:


For our first experiment we filled a jar with water and put it in the windowsill. We marked the water level with a marker the first day and Dude made a prediction about what would happen to the water level over time.  Every couple of days after that, we’d observe the new lower water level, mark it with a new line, and talk about evaporation. At first I explained the process to him, but he was soon explaining it to me!


For our next experiment we put a small amount of water onto each of two plates. We then put one in the direct sun and provided some shade for the other plate. After a couple of hours Dude observed what had happened to the water on each plate and we discussed why.


Our last evaporation experiment was the most visual and definitely Dude’s favorite. He started out by wetting his chalkboard with a rag.


Next he fired up the hair dryer, pointed it at the chalkboard, and watched as the water evaporated right before his eyes.


Like I said he LOVED this one!

Next up I’ll be posting our condensation and precipitation experiments, so keep an eye out for those!

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