Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our New Morning Board

New Year = New Plan

I’m excited to be adding a new element to our home preschool this year, a morning board! Now that the older boys are 4 and 2.5 I’m doing more and more things with the 2 of them together and I wanted some way to start our school time off in an organized and hopefully *fingers crossed* calm manner. I think our morning board will be just the thing to accomplish that.

Here’s the layout I came up with:


I attached everything using double sided tape to a foam board I bought at Walmart.


Most of the printables are things I found online for free. Starting at the top left, I printed & laminated the calendar songs from the 1+1+1=1 website. I attached them to the board using 1" Binder Rings to make a sort of flip book. I went with the larger version for now because we’re not familiar with them, but there are also smaller versions available here.

Under that is our Make the Date box with velcro strips underneath to make the date using real coins. For now Dude will be doing this using only dimes and pennies. I just typed mine up but there are different version available to print here & here.

And below that are boxes for Spudder to velcro on a Color of the Day, Animal of the Day, Shape of the Day, & Letter of the Day. We’ll review these daily of course, but my plan is to use this section as inspiration for activities to keep Spudder occupied while I’m working with Dude. For example I might pull out playdough in the color of the day, or a letter of the week type activity for the appropriate letter, or have him make the shape with popsicle sticks, those sorts of things. This printable is also from 1+1+1=1.


Across the top of the board I have a section for making the date.

In the middle of the board (where you see the apple page) is actually where I attached a sheet protector. I plan to rotate out what’s in this space to keep it interesting. At the moment we have a logic problem from this book. I actually bought the digital copy during the Scholastic dollar days sale I posted about on facebook, but it doesn’t seem to be available from that website any longer.

Next we have this Days in School section where we’ll count up the days in school and do some place value review.


Botton center we have our What’s the Weather Like Today block.

And in the very right corner I attached a plastic pocket for slipping in these Godly Character Trait cards. I printed mine 4 to a page.


We’ve only been using our board for 2 days now. But so far we’re really liking it!

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  1. Looks like a great board! I hope you are having a good year so far. I'm homeschooling my boys, and my oldest just started kindergarten. It's so much fun so far. Thank you for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.


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