Monday, July 18, 2011

New Experiences – Blueberry Picking

I didn’t write up a of formal list of things that I wanted to do with the kids this summer, but the general idea I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind is just new experiences, for them, for me, for us as a family. I’ve just been wanting to try out some new things. I’m not talking about big vacations or expensive theme parks, but just simple things that hopefully involve quality family time and maybe even start some new family traditions for us. We need some family traditions!

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to do something that was new to me and the boys. We went blueberry picking! Now I grew up in a decent size city, so picking your own berries wasn’t even something I realized people could do until just recently. But there are actually all kinds of pick-your-own farms all over the place! I used the website to find one near us. We then packed up the kids and the sunblock, forgot the bug spray, and off we went.

And boy, were the berries plentiful!


Dude turned out to not be the best blueberry picker. After eating his fill it was hard to convince him of the importance of picking more to take home with us. Although he did do a great job of keeping us on track by chanting “Don’t pick the green ones. Don’t pick the red ones. We only pick the blue ones!”



Spudder on the other hand turned out to be a great little blueberry picker! They all went straight into his mouth, of course. We didn't instruct him on what to do, but when my husband felt him leaning he realized our little guy was helping himself! It was so cute watching him. He happily picked his fill from the Ergo Carrier on his Papa’s back.  Although occasionally we’d hear a little sputtering/spitting noise when he didn't heed his brother’s warning and got a bitter one. I guess there are some things a little guy's just got to learn the hard way.


With a 1 & a 3 year old, we didn't stay out there long, but we did have a wonderful time! We ended up with 3 gallons of berries to take home. And everyone was in agreement  that we’ll definitely be doing this again!

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