Saturday, July 2, 2011

I LOVE Dollar Tree!

I promise I won’t update you every time I go to Dollar Tree. I swear I always leave that store thinking “I LOVE this place!” But my mother and I have found a couple of new things there in the past few weeks that I just had to share.


Here’s a portion of what we got:

Tot Trays!!! I was so excited to see these for only $1. I bought blue and green for my boys, but they also had pink and all three colors in polka dots. In addition to using these for tot tray activities I also really like using them for setting up supplies for art projects, so I was glad to get a few more. I don’t like these quite as much as my trays from Oriental Trading, but for the price I think they’re a great deal.

We also got:
A 3-pack of Ice Cream Bowls with Matching Spoons (I have plans for these!)
Mini Erasers
Googly Eyes
A New Sorting Tray
Sea-Life Sponges
Foam Letter Stickers
And of course more Foam & Felt


But the thing I was most excited about were these hand puppets! Aren’t they cute? The quality isn’t amazing, but it definitely seems good enough. And for $1 each? Yes, please!!! (I did pick through the bin to pick out the best looking puppets. There were some that looked a bit funky.) If you don't have a Dollar Tree close, Amazon does have these puppets that aren’t much more expensive. I’m really wanting to give my sons lots of opportunities for pretend play and promote more story narration and these should be perfect for that!

Does anyone else get as excited about Dollar Tree as I do?
(I know my husband thinks I’m crazy for it.)


  1. I really miss dollar stores, they don't have them in HI :(

  2. Hi! I love dollar stores too! I am a new follower from the Fri Hop! Please check out my new blog :)

  3. Those puppets are darling!

    And I get way excited about finds like this, too =)


Thanks for your comments!

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