Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainbow Lapbook - Making It

After the great experience we had last week with our Feelings Lapbook, both Dude and I were pretty eager to get going again this week with our new Rainbow Lapbook. We are planning to read a few different books about the science behind rainbows this week, but since this is a lapbook for a young preschooler, the contents focus more on color identification, color mixing, & the story of Noah.

Here's the inside.

And the back cover
This is a Fruit Loop Rainbow Printout from Making Learning Fun.

Here are the inside contents starting at the upper left corner and moving clockwise. I used this inexpensive laminator to laminate everything except the mini-books because, well I have rough kids ;)

God Made Rainbows Mini Coloring Book from Christian Preschool Printables
Each page has a B&W color word split up into syllables. I've left this loose for now.

Noah's Ark Story Sequencing Cards from Bible Story Printables. The website calls them Bible Timeline cards.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear Color Matching Flip Book from Making Learning Fun. I used keychain rings to attach the pages to the folder. I did this after attaching the fruit loop page to the back cover and punched the holes through everything for increased durability.


Tri-folded ROYGBIV colors of the rainbow page from 1+1+1=1. I colored this and wrote in the color words before laminating it.

Color Words pocket and cards for matching to the ROYGBIV printout.

Color Mixing Guess & Check
I just hand drew this and used velcro to keep the tabs down.

Primary & Secondary Color Wheel from Kidzone


Noah's Ark Popsicle Stick Puppets made with printables from Bible Story Printables. I only printed out 6, but there are more available.


My Name Is Accordion Book


Noah's Ark Mini Book from Christian Preschool Printables

I'll post a follow-up post showing this lapbook in action and some accompanying activities at the end of the week. So if this looks interesting, make sure to watch out for it!

You can view the follow-up post for our Rainbows week HERE.

Some other Rainbow Lapbooks that inspired this one:

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