Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tot School- Letter of the Week- Letter Hh

D is 32 months

Our Letter of the Week this week was letter Hh. We had a LOT of fun this week & I was really happy with the combination of activities that we did. I really felt like we covered lots of "subjects" while having a good time.

Our H words were: Hat, Hand, Hippo, House, Hop, Hot, Heart, & Heavy


Since this week was also Dr. Suess' birthday, we couldn't resist making our very own Cat in the Hat hat. We made a very, very simple version out of a paper bag. I cut a strip off the open end of the bag to make a brim. Dude painted the rest of the bag. Then I cut some slits in the back (so it would fit over his head) and reinforced them with tape. After it dried we glued on the brim and had one very cool hat to play with.

Dude also drew some Letter H's in his salt box.

He worked a Hot & Cold sorting game from File Folder Fun. This is made to go in a file folder, but I printed it at half size and we just laid out the piece for now. I really hate to waste materials (or money) so I often alter the way I print things in order to be a little more thrifty.

He colored his letter H phonics coloring page quite thoroughly, but without much care about those pesky black lines.


We took our letter tiles outside for Dude to hop on. He named each letter as he went and had lots of fun with this. The loop worked well ;)

He also dot painted his H's with his Do A Dot Paints . This sheets is from COAH.

He did some heart patterning with some candies I picked up on clearance after Valentine's day. This worksheet came from PreKinders.


I pulled out our dress up box and let the boys play with the h-h-hats first, then just dig into everything.

Dude also sorted the hats by what they were made of.

We then took our hats outside. I lined them up on our balance beam and let Dude throw beanbags at them to try to knock them off.  He actually did pretty well at this.

Dude did his Letter H letter builders. We do this for each of our weekly letters and some weeks this activity seems so simple for Dude I've wondered if it was even worth it. But this week there was more stacking of the pieces involved in making the H's. He seemed to have a little trouble figuring it out, so I was glad to have challenged him.

We traced our hands. Mama's was much bigger than Dude's. 

We turned our coloring page into a phonics collage by gluing on pictures of things that start with H. I cut out Dude's hand print to go on there too. The pictures are from here. I printed them at 50% of normal size.

Dude circled the letter H's on this letter hunt worksheet.

Dude counted magnets out onto the number cards from 1+1+1=1. (There's a dot on the cards under each of those magnets.)


We used the the cut and paste hippo printout from COAH and made ours into a paper bag puppet. If you do this don't make the mistake I did of waiting until the end to draw the mouth on the inside. I just drew some gums and teeth, but mine wasn't easy or pretty.


We discussed light and heavy and sorted some objects. After we had done that I had him sit down and close his eyes and I handed him 2 canned goods and asked him which was heavier. He really enjoyed this activity and even asked me for more items to sort.

We finished out our H week by discussing where we live and making this cute House collage.

For next week, it's on to Letter I!


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