Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Sensory Bin - St. Patrick's Day

I'm not sure who was more excited about the reveal of our new sensory bin, Dude or myself. Dude was thrilled to clean up after breakfast when I told him what we'd be doing next!

I generally went with a green, gold, & silver theme for this bin.

What's Inside:
2 bags split peas
Gold coins from Dollar Tree
Wooden disks painted gold
Green poker chips
Soda can pull tabs (for some silver coloring)
A coffee scoop
A random green shovel, cup, and shaving can lid
A few silver and gold bottle caps
Green crayon bank
Green glitter & water ball
Green & gold small clips (from coffee bags)
Yellow & greenish flat marbles (jewels)
Some real coins

And a few action shots from reveal day:

Spudder was quite intrigued. I let him play in the bin for about a minute before I had to move him on to another activity. He was too excited and there were just too many small items. I do plan on letting him play in it again another day.

Dude really enjoyed searching through the contents and finding the different "treasures."  Yes, yes, as you can see I let him dump it out! He was just having such a good time with it that when he gave he that questioning look and started to tilt it I nodded my approval. What I was thinking! I guess I was overwhelmed by cuteness! But with the blanket at least the cleanup was fairly easy.

And doing a little poker chip stacking.

That's all the photos I managed to get on reveal day, but I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this bin in our weekly posts for March. It's already a big hit in this house!

I'm linking this post up at Sensory Tub Sensations over at Homeschool Mo. You can check it out for more great sensory tub ideas!

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  1. I love your blog! So many cute ideas :)
    I added a link to this post to my post on our St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin. Thanks for sharing!


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